About Me

Hi. I’m Neil. I’m a senior software engineer with years of experience; I started full stack, and now specialize in backend tech and cloud infrastructure. Currently living in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Obligatory looking-at-laptop photo

Professional Highlights

Proteus Digital Health

Architected and implemented a highly-configurable rules engine from the ground up. Consumes a patient’s data in real time and calculates their triage score, so that doctors can rapidly identify priority patients. Written in node.js on AWS Lambda, DynamoDB, Kinesis, SQS, API Gateway. Complete unit test coverage with Mocha and Chai.

Owned, developed, maintained, and provided troubleshooting and support for mock data generation tool used by all product teams. Written in Python 3. Used Behave to convert BDD statements to cloud API calls with templated request bodies. Used by developers to develop new product features by generating simulated user resources and metric data in Cloud. Created unit test suite and integrated into build to prevent regression bugs. Converted tool into importable package, so it could be used directly in other teams’ test suites.

Built an automated test suite for our microchip manufacturing facility in Hayward.

Overhauled our user configuration logic. Created new API endpoints, DynamoDB tables and a lambda to handle API requests and validation. Wrote database backfill functions to migrate old data structures to new ones in production. Implemented caching on lambda initialization to drop global resource lookup time from 1500ms to 500ms.

Implemented Python command-line tools for listening to DynamoDB stream for debugging and uploading files to S3 from local machine using Boto3 SDK.

Wrote a set of tools for patient data migration/archiving, allowing us to preserve protected data while freeing up an environment.


Built GoPro’s developer documentation platform and wrote 80+ pages of API reference and quickstart tutorial content with sample code for 8 services.

Worked on backend team, providing integration support to devs from internal product teams, acquired companies, and partner orgs.

Hack Reactor

Studied my tail off to get into a grueling software engineering program which had a 3% acceptance rate at that time. Built a location-sharing app called IRL (React.js, Socket.io). Built a collaborative project management app called Cliqueboard (AngularJS, express.js).

Space Systems Loral

Wrote electrical assembly and test procedures for 18 commercial communication satellites currently in orbit.


Wrote the stock trading tool for volume spread analysis that I always wished I had.

Industry Experience

I’ve worked in these spaces:

  • Event-driven, serverless architecture.
  • Medical devices and pharmaceuticals.
  • FDA regulatory compliance.
  • IoT prescription drugs.
  • Internal tooling.
  • HIPAA compliance.
  • Aerospace.

My Philosophy of Software Development

I strive to write clean, consistent, maintainable code with no suprises.

I’m mindful of best practices, like keeping code SOLID and DRY. I design for scale, avoid nested iteration and extraneous database calls, and cache all the things. I care about code quality, and set aside dedicated time for code reviews.

I strive to make life easy for whoever touches the code after me.

I care about minimizing the cognitive load of context switching. Given the choice to write clever code or legible code, legible wins every time. I use intuitive variable names and write clear, useful comments. I take documentation seriously.

I strive to add value to my team.

I care about creating a non-toxic workplace and always check my ego at the door. I like to help others be successful, and am happy to spend time answering questions for stakeholders and other developers.

I love my work.

Bonus Skills

I have additional backgrounds in:

  • technical writing. Most engineers hate writing docs. I actually enjoy crafting well-written documentation and understand how to convey technical concepts.
  • training. I enjoy explaining concepts and teaching others.
  • customer success. I enjoy helping other people achieve their technical goals.


I like OSX in dark mode, Sublime Text 3, a modified Glowfish theme for that nice vintage green-on-black, and Source Code Pro Extra Light for a font that’s easy on the eyes.

I love the feeling of closing browser tabs en masse after a PR is merged.

I really like markdown.

I can’t watch HBO’s Silicon Valley. It’s way too real.


I’ve worked with the following tech:

Category Tech Level
  Python 3 Strong
  JavaScript Strong
  node.js Strong
  Java Familiar
  Ruby Rusty
  Go Rusty
Amazon Web Services    
  Cloudwatch Strong
  DynamoDB Strong
  Kinesis Strong
  Lambda Strong
  SQS Strong
  S3 Strong
  RDS/Aurora Familiar
  Secrets Manager Familiar
Other Infrastructure    
  Apache Kafka Familiar
  Apache Spark Familiar
  Vert.x Familiar
  GraphQL Familiar
Databases & ORMs    
  MySQL Familiar
  Postgres Familiar
  Cassandra Familiar
  MongoDB Familiar
  Redis Familiar
  Sequelize ORM Familiar
  Bluebird ORM Familiar
  Mongoose ORM Familiar
  Mocha Strong
  Chai Strong
  Behave Strong
  nose2 Strong
  Sinon Familiar
  PhantomJS Familiar
  JUnit Familiar
  Mockito Familiar
Front End    
  AngularJS Familiar
  React.js Familiar
  HTML5 Familiar
  CSS3 Familiar
  Git Strong
  JIRA Strong
  Confluence Strong
  BitBucket Strong
  *NIX Strong
  Maven Familiar